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Warehousing services include 2 main functions: Inland Warehouses and Bonded Warehouses with total area of 21.250m2.

-   Long Binh Tan Port: 03 warehouses are in operation with total area of 13.250m2 (in which 3.250m2 for Bonded Warehouse and 10.000m2 for Inland Warehouse).

-   Go Dau Port: 02 warehouses are in operation for Inland Warehouse with total area of 8.000m2.



-   Long Binh Tan Port: total area of 8,2ha serving container handling services, maximum storage capacity of 7.172 teus including 04 main functions: (laden container area, container area for Maersk, area for stuffing/unstuffing laden container, area for empty container).

-   Go Dau Port: total area of 29,5ha storage serving general cargoes.​




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